Some of my best friends are teachers; gifted, experienced practitioners who have dedicated their lives to nurturing and curating the slow unfurling of learning in early minds. Every day they have the chance to perform miracles and transform a child’s future and understanding of the world. As Socrates reminded us all those years ago “a mind is not simply a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.” It takes extraordinary skill to be a professional fire starter these days.

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Visiting @MondoFoundation work supporting women’s livelihoods work in #Tanzania #smallgrants for #big change……

An important publication by @IPPR on state of school exclusions which @InclusionTrust funded as part of its #Legacy

G8 @faceworktoday sessions in Birmingham yesterday at @AktApprentices with @TimMungeam. Superb yp with + attitude mastering #softskills

The future is #softskills @tele_education Employers need to meet YP half way. @faceworktoday

Engagement with employers result in fewer young 'Neets' Quality work experience is essential education @FairTrainOrg

Report from @Edu_Employers shows schools prepare students poorly for work Especially those disadvantaged #inequality

looking forward to @hackneysuccess #hackneygc event today - lots to learn from other governors #inspire each other

Employer engagement in education Are higher/lower achievers considered + supported equally?@CareerEnt @Edu_Employers