“ Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted, counts!" Albert Einstein”

There may not be a GCSE exam in resilience, or any of the other skills and attitudes which we call Employment Intelligences, but there is a growing recognition of the importance of soft-skills. (Even if there is debate about what we call them).  Indeed, teachers know instinctively that if they can help shape students’ behaviours and attitudes for the adult world, and prepare them on how to take responsibility, manage emotions, handle rejection, and take initiative (to name just a few), they can significantly improve students’ future prospects and indeed social mobility. This is especially so for children who receive little nurturing and support at home.

Facework can help you introduce these important skills to your students. We’ve worked directly with young people to codify 25 different actions within work and then grouped them under 5 easy to remember groups of skills: STEPS.  Check out the powerpoints you can download, the 25 free Challenge sheets which you can print off and use for a one-off session or assembly, or go for fuller accreditation with OCR (see below) . But there is more:  We want to inspire you to contribute to this resource by sharing your own employability resources and get your students to share their stories and insights in how they get good at these skills. <more>

Watch videos from teachers who have been involved in developing Facework here →

Using the STEPS resources in the classroom

Facework is not an off-the-shelf completed resource, but rather a set of tools which you can use to develop your own sessions and help your students face work. As such this is an educational process, not a finished product and we value critical feedback. Indeed we believe that these resources can be improved and would welcome videos from individual students and teachers contact stephen <@>facework.today Here are some of the resources you can download for free:

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Real world learning and students as teachers

This project took over 2 years to produce and involved indepth discussions and co-design work with around 70 students. One of the most exciting elements was when we took one group of students from an alternative education provider in London to a Pupil Referral Unit in Bedfordshire to run the session we had developed with them. The impact was extraordinary as this article from the Huffington Post illustrates. As we develop Facework we'd love to work with organisations pioneering ground-breaking real-world employability training such as Big Picture Schools.

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Accrediting employability skills with OCR

We’ve worked with OCR, a leading UK awarding body who provide vocational qualifications, GCSEs and A ‘levels in a wide variety of subjects to suit learners’ needs. OCR has generously supported the development of Facework and has mapped all the Facework Challenges to their qualifications in:

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Classroom Resources

Click on the links below to download the Facework our classroom packs, including powerpoint presentations to kick start your lessons, our challenge sheets and other unique resources.

In this document - 'It's good to be right to be wrong' - we share what we have learnt through developing Facework.

Download >>

We've produced 5 separate Power Points which you can present from this page, or download and update to help you present STEPS.

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We've got lots of resources to help you use film-making to help unlock employability issues and give your students a voice. You can then send them to us and we'll upload on this site.

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Why not start a session by asking students about commonly held views about work and then try to flip your thinking! There are always different sides to understanding

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