Recruit for attitude, train for skills

“Most employers recruit for attitude and then train for skill. The Facework resources can help you do both. ”

Stephen Carrick-Davies

Although Facework is an education resource for teachers working with young people (aged 14  plus) we would love to form strong partnerships with companies who could use the Facework resources.  Whether this is for students as they start their work-experience or apprenticeship placement, or for new staff as part of their induction.

We would also love to work with employer’s groups to help us answer the following questions:

  • How can employers help schools develop employability training especially for those students who struggle at school ?
  • Are there other crucial attitudes, soft-skills or character traits which are missing from the STEPS framework?
  • How can schools start piloting school site apprenticeships for students who learn better outside of the classroom?

Watch some of the videos from employers who have helped in making the Facework resources  →

Tom Bulman from Worktree (one of the Facework partners) has produced an excellent resource for schools called ‘Employability Now’  which in simple language helps a school develop engaging employability sessions.

The resource has been funded by South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership and the British Council, and contains a series of innovative activity-based learning sessions to help teachers and trainers prepare young people for work. This clear and practical guide will get young people thinking and talking positively about their work futures, especially what kind of work they will be good at and enjoy. It has proven engaging for a wide range of learners and exposes them to as many options as possible from the world of work with case studies from both the UK and overseas. The sessions require minimal additional resources, are easily adaptable, and can be delivered as a structured 20-30 hour course or as one-off lessons.  Order ‘Employability Now’ book here.

There are some excellent online resources which help more confident students understand the world of work, for example and  and which runs  ‘Inspire the futures’.  However, if you are an employer and are especially concerned with young people who struggle in school or feel ‘pushed-out’ and want to share your experience with us, or feel you can help us on a more strategic level, (for example support us in developing this approach for young people in other countries) we’d love to hear from you, so do contact us.

Here is an article ‘Work related learning: A Language lost in Translation’  which stephen wrote that looks at the vital role employers have in supporting young people gain positive attitudes to work.

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