What skills and attitudes are worth most in the world of work?

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Facework is special because we focus on how to sharpen the skills and the attitudes employers say they want in the workplace.  Using videos, quizzes, social media links and the Facework Challenges we help you ‘Flip your thinking’ and gain skills in 5 core STEPS areas. The good news is you already use many of these skills in your social life, the trick is to transfer them to your professional life and make confident STEPS to face work today!

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If you have advice about facing work we’d love to get you on film. Not only would you be helping your peers, but you’ll find sharing your story boosts your confidence. Who knows it could even help you get a job.

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Facework Z card

Rate yourself on these 5 core skills and then get your mates to rate you ! Get your school to order these scratch cards.


Each of the 25 Employment Intelligences have a practical real-work challenge advice sheet which helps break down the skills.


It's hard to change long-held attitudes, but sometimes we have to radically 'Flip our Thinking'! Check out these real stories from people who changed their ideas about work.


We have over 130 social media resources which help you see the importance of the STEPS skills. From film clips to music tracks, apps and quotes these make learning fun and engaging.


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